Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Teachers Strike

This Wednesday all the  New Zealand teachers are going on strike.  One reason why they are going on strike is the need more  time to teach the students .They have in their classes Because they spend a lot of  time doing the student’s assessment but doesn't have time to teach. These things are very good but it’s hard for one teacher with thirty kids.

The second thing that the teachers want is more resources for  additional needs to help the students that need help. Because when the students doesn't have enough resources than what are we gonna do to help them?.  And the school’s need more teachers because one teacher can’t take care of thirty student’s.

The last thing that the teachers want is to have better pay because they always stay more than how long they have to stay at school for. Also to because they do two things at a time because they do teach and they write their reports to give to the students parents. So thats all of the reasons why all the teachers in New Zealand are on strike. Also Dliz and I agree with the teachers because they have good reasons why. We wish the teachers good luck.   

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Hi tupou i really love the way you write i love your spelling and keep up the good work.

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