Saturday, 30 December 2017

If I Had A VE Day

If I had a VE day party I would invite all of  friend and all of my family to my house. The things we would do inside is we would have a lot of iPad and laptops to play games on  and do whatever. Outside in the back we would have a very big barbecue and boys and girls playing rugby and in the front a basketball court to play basketball.


Billy said...

Good afternoon Tupou, glad to see you've completed this activity.

Sounds like you know how to throw a party! What sort of games would you play on the iPads and laptops?

What sort of food would you cook on the barbecue?

I love a bit of basketball. My brother and I play heaps at home. It's always fun at Christmas or during special occasions when he comes back from Wellington.

Thanks, Billy

Tupou said...

Thank you Billy for the comment,

The kind of game i would play on the iPads and laptops would be Roblox and other games. The food on the barbecue would kebabs and sausages.

Thank you Tupou.

Billy said...

Thanks for replying! Sounds delicious. I like chicken and corn on the barbecue too.

What's Roblox? How do you play?


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