Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Being In Mr Grundys Class For Tech

Today we went to tech and we were in Mr Grundy's class and he does wood work and making things out of metal.  We were collaborating with St. Pius. Today I just started cutting out my mould and it was a musica note. At first I was so apprehensive because I might  myself by hurt cutting off my finger. Because it's a very fast saw and I can chop off my finger. I only just finished cutting out half of it and Mr Grundy told us that our time was up.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Summer Learning Journy Awards

On the 23rd of February we had a special guest her name is Rachel Willams and she came to Room 11 to give the awards to the people that were participating for the Summer Learning  Jourany in the holidays. First she started with the people that participated and that was Katrina, Malia, Sione and Tupousini. Then I got a award for commenting and posting all of the time. Pupuke was in first place then in second place it was Frank and in third place was Riiana and Kotipi. 

Back To School

Welcome back to school! It has been a long holiday. I hope you were reading in the holidays. I look forward to learning new things every day. This year in our classroom we have two new students and their names are Robin and Storm and they are both year 7 students just like me. It is the third week of the first term. I am so glad to be blogging and learning because I've had enough relaxing time and I'm reading to get learning.