Tuesday, 26 December 2017

What My Opinion About Gold Rush

What I think about Gold Rush is it is recommended for old people and most old people like watching movies like Gold Rush. Gold Rush is about Charlie  Chaplin found a girl and he fall in love with her. So that's my opinion on what I  think gold rush is about.


Billy said...

Hey there Tupou, glad to see you are still blogging and working hard!

Thanks for sharing your opinion about Gold Rush. Do you think that you would enjoy this movie? Why or why not?

What's your opinion of silent movies? Do you like them?

What sort of movies do you usually watch?

Thanks, Billy

Tupou said...

Hey Billy thanks for commenting.

What I think of Gold Rush is that I don't really like movies like that and the movies I really watch is movies like IT! and other movies like that.

Thanks Tupou.

Billy said...

Oh wow, I haven't seen IT yet. Is it scary?


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