Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Welcome Back To School

This term is going to be a great and graceful term for the teachers and students. I hope that you can all learn a lot of things that you can go home and tell your parnts about it. I hope you have a fun and happy term this term. 

Learning Goals Term 4

How To Make A Volcano

What you need:

sand or dirtan small eggcup or an small containervingarbaking sodared food colouring
Step 1

First you will need to get the sand ro dirt and make a mountain with it.
Step 2

Next use your fingers to make a crate in the top of the mountain.
Step 3

Fill the egg cup or small container half way full and then put it into the crate.
Step 4

Then mix the vingar and the fod colouring in a different container and then pour it into the baking soda in the crate.
Step 5

Then watch the magic happen. 

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

My Family

This is my family and my family is always surpporting and if you need them they all be there for you. Sometime they are funny and they can crack jokes but whats more special about my family is that we all love eachother the same. When I see them everyday I feel very thamkful and greatful the I have a family because if not I would be like those other kids that don't have homes, so if you have families be very thankful that you have one. We all are tongan.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Who Will You Vote For?

I believe the Labour will run our govenmoent because I think the  Jacinda Ardern will make New Zealand a better place and she will run our country right.
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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Reading 'Preparing For The Pola'

Today I was reading a book about how Tongans get prepared for a pola. The pola was for Amelia's cousin Elisapesi's twenty-first birthday so everyone in the village had to help make food. They all woke up early to get the food prepared. The food they made was faikakai, lu pulu, ota ika, puaka, sapa sui, breadfruit, yams, kumala, talo and other food.