Tuesday, 1 May 2018

These Are What Raupotaka Students Are 👍

Ruapotaka Students Are....

1.  Fair to one another and agree to disagree in any situation.

2. Caring people who are there for you.

3. Honest to teachers and other students.

4. Cheerful and share happiness to others at all times.

5. Respectful and polite to all teachers and other students.

These are the key values that Ruapotaka students hold.

Monday, 30 April 2018

A Terrifying Storm Hits Auckland!!!

Yesterday Auckland got hit by a very big storm. The storm hit around eight o'clock at night. This morning power lines and trees were broken down and roads were blocked off. The storm was very powerful and it made peoples power go out. When it hit I was very scared and I heard unusal sounds.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Eddie Dawkins Win 🎉🎉🎉

 Today Eddie Dawkins has done an outstanding job in the sprint cylcing race in the Commonwealth Games. The New Zealand athletes and competitors from different countries were impressed with him for his fantastic achievement in the game. He did his best and tried his hardest to accomplish what he had wanted.  

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Ruapotaka's Prefects For 2018 👍

This year we have three new prefects to keep our school enviorment safe and to keep everyone from harm. They are responsible for the things they do. They are also here to help solve problems and things that the students are concerned about. If you need to talk to them individually  or if you keep secrets that you need to get off your back,  they will  be there for you. So whenever you need them they will always there.

5 Ways That You Can Be Cybersmart

5 ways to be Cybersmart 

  1. Whatever you do it will be able to be seen. Source: Smart Footprint
  2. Always follow the copyright rules. Source: Smart and Legal
  3. Know how to see if the information online is correct. Source: Smart Media
  4. Think about who you interact with online. Source: Smart Relationships
5. Know your rights as online consumers. Source: Smart Money

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Going To Tech

Today at Tech I finished cutting out my mould. Then Mr Grundy melted some metal and he poured it into the mould. Then I had to wait for it to cool down. It took about ten minutes to let it cool down. Meanwhile I went to go and help my friend from St Pius. They were so helpful and supportive. Then finally my piece cooled down. Then it was time to stop and I only just started filling.❤

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Being In Mr Grundys Class For Tech

Today we went to tech and we were in Mr Grundy's class and he does wood work and making things out of metal.  We were collaborating with St. Pius. Today I just started cutting out my mould and it was a musica note. At first I was so apprehensive because I might  myself by hurt cutting off my finger. Because it's a very fast saw and I can chop off my finger. I only just finished cutting out half of it and Mr Grundy told us that our time was up.