Friday, 10 August 2018

Ned Kindness Adventure Show 2018

Today on the 6th of August we had someone from kindness adventure came to show us some ways to be kind.

Cosmo and Ned were talking about how being different can be good by trying new things that you don't really like but when you try new things you are introducing yourself to new things that you’ve new been around. So it’s always good to be different.

Another think that Cosmo and Ned were talking about was that being kind is cool because when you are kind to other people you are showing other people how to be kind. Also you are showing them how kind you are to everyone when you are being kind.They were encouraging us to always be kind and no matter what just be nice and kind to them.

The third thing that Cosmo and Ned were talking about was to be a person that includes everyone in the group. Including others is about when someone is alone go and ask then if they want to join you and your friends. That also means that  you should always be a kind and caring person.

So that's the things that Cosmo and Ned were talking about and they were very nice and entertaining to watch act out the things they did in Kenya with the students in Kenya and in Kenya they don't even have clean water like we do so they were selling treasure from Kenya and who every buys one of the treasures the money will go to Kenya to make wiles for them to have clean water to drink, clean there close and to clean themselves.

So that's what they were talking about when they came to pt england school.

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