Friday, 22 September 2017

Who Will You Vote For?

I believe the Labour will run our govenmoent because I think the  Jacinda Ardern will make New Zealand a better place and she will run our country right.
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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Reading 'Preparing For The Pola'

Today I was reading a book about how Tongans get prepared for a pola. The pola was for Amelia's cousin Elisapesi's twenty-first birthday so everyone in the village had to help make food. They all woke up early to get the food prepared. The food they made was faikakai, lu pulu, ota ika, puaka, sapa sui, breadfruit, yams, kumala, talo and other food. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

My Hot Air Balloon

1. What is the title of the article? Race you to breackfast
2. What does Impation mean? It means your not partion.
3.What is the pilots name? Richard
4. Who wrote the article?Vivenne Joseph
5. What is the story about? It is about an man talking about his experants of him going on the an hot air balloon. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Re-writing the Legend of Maui

Long long ago there was a boy called Maui and he was walking around in the forest. Then some men just appeared from no where and they asked Maui "Do you want powers?" and he replied "Yes". Then the men started saying weird things and a weird feeling came to Maui. 

When he went home he found a great big hook and he picked it up. The moment he touched the hook he was high up in the air. Then he touched it again and he fell flat on the ground. He thought he was going to tell his siblings about his new hook.

He heard his siblings moaning about how fast the days were going because the sun was running fast across the world. Maui decided to go to the east and go with his brothers. The next day he got his things prepared. 

It was still dark in the morning when he transformed into an eagle and his brother got on his back and they took off to the east. When they got there they found some flax on the ground and they decided to make a net out of it and then Maui used his magical hook to make the net stronger. 

When the sun came out they waited until the sun was in the right position and then they put the net over the sun. They got the sun then he said to the sun "You have to walk around the earth because people don't have enough time to do things so you have to walk or else I will come back and hurt you with my hook."  The sun agreed to walk instead of run around the earth and then they let the sun go. 

Later on that day they went back home and everyone had time to do what they wanted and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End

Sunday, 17 September 2017

My BFF's

These are all my bff's Fakaola,Mary-Ruth, Tyra, Liza and my best best friend Joanlisi. We all like playing on the play ground, doing flips on the bars and we all like going on top of the monkey bars and talking or doing race. We all love each other like we are sisters. We all like playing basket ball especially Fakaola. I love them so much.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Information about George Moala

WALT write an information report on a significant person in New Zealand
My information report is about George Moala. He is a rugby player in the blues rugby team.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

My Weird Poem

There's a noddle on my nightie 
And there's a poodle having a fight.
There's a snapper in my car
And a flipper in my chocolate bar.

There's a golf ball in my bin 
And a nettle  in my skin. 
There's a girl sitting on a chair 
And I'm having fun at the fair.

There's a hair clearer in a my room burning

And a spoiler spoiling movies. 
 There's a laptop for sale online 
And my favorite kind of ice-cream is tip top kinds.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Reading Summing Up Dad

Today my reading group and I were reading a story call 'Summing Up Dad' it was about a dad and his children. The dad was acting every week as a different person like on one week he pretender be William Shakes spears. Then on the next day he was pretending to be a french mathematician. Then the next day he part out instructions for the kids to follow. The instructions was about measuring. 

We Happened On Christmas 2016

On Christmas 2016 last year I was in Australia at my uncle's house. My sisters, cousins, aunty, uncle and my mum and I. We all went to the living room.

On Christmas morning my two sisters, my two cousins, my aunty, my uncle and my mum and I we all woke up. My sisters and my cousins and I we all ran into the living room with excitement on our faces.
At first I thought that I was going to only get one present. But my prediction was wrong I reserved more then I thought. One of the presents I got have the mini donut maker I felt so happy to get it because I loved caking.

Then we had to get ready to go to church. After we all got into me uncles  car and we all put on our sit belt and then my uncle started driving his  car. Then eventually we got there and we all got out and my mum took my sisters, my cousin and me to our kids class. Then my mom went to my uncle and aunty and my little cousin went to her babies class. Then my mum and my uncle and aunty went into church.

Later on that day after church we all went back home to get change. Then we all went to a restaurant for lunch with some of our church friends. I didn't now what the restaurant was called but it was one of those restaurants that cook their food in front of you. I was tried of waiting so I decided to go and play with my friend from church.  The food was so yummy but that wasn't all. The best part of all  was the desert it felt like I was in heaven. Then we all went home and had a happy Christmas evening.