Monday, 25 December 2017

What I Think

What I think about Saudi Arabia not letting women vote until 2015 is not fair because women should have the right to vote when ever they want. Saudi Arabia should have let women vote a long long time a go.  So that is my decision on why People should or shouldn't let women vote.


Billy said...

Hi again Tupou, thanks for answering this important question. I completely agree with you, it is totally unfair that in Saudi Arabia women were not able to vote until 2015.
Thanks for backing up your opinion with a good point too!

Do you think children in New Zealand should be able to vote too? What sort of things might they change in society?

Thanks, Billy

Tupou said...

hey billy I think that children shouldn't be able to vote because they are to young and because they might change things like let people have we ever they want

Billy said...

haha yes it would be quite funny though wouldn't it

Tupou said...

Yes it would

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