Tuesday, 5 September 2017

We Happened On Christmas 2016

On Christmas 2016 last year I was in Australia at my uncle's house. My sisters, cousins, aunty, uncle and my mum and I. We all went to the living room.

On Christmas morning my two sisters, my two cousins, my aunty, my uncle and my mum and I we all woke up. My sisters and my cousins and I we all ran into the living room with excitement on our faces.
At first I thought that I was going to only get one present. But my prediction was wrong I reserved more then I thought. One of the presents I got have the mini donut maker I felt so happy to get it because I loved caking.

Then we had to get ready to go to church. After we all got into me uncles  car and we all put on our sit belt and then my uncle started driving his  car. Then eventually we got there and we all got out and my mum took my sisters, my cousin and me to our kids class. Then my mom went to my uncle and aunty and my little cousin went to her babies class. Then my mum and my uncle and aunty went into church.

Later on that day after church we all went back home to get change. Then we all went to a restaurant for lunch with some of our church friends. I didn't now what the restaurant was called but it was one of those restaurants that cook their food in front of you. I was tried of waiting so I decided to go and play with my friend from church.  The food was so yummy but that wasn't all. The best part of all  was the desert it felt like I was in heaven. Then we all went home and had a happy Christmas evening. 

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