Friday, 24 March 2017

When you get bitten by a pests

WALT to explain what happens before and after you are bitten by an insect.

I heard a buzzing like a mosquito. It zoomed across my face as if it was a flash of lightning. I tried not to move so it wouldn’t bite me. Then it went around me a lot of times like a roller coaster. I started to worry because it would bite me if it landed on me.

Firstly when you get bitten you start to itch a little and you might think that the bite is infected like as if it was carrying the zika virus or other viruses. It is painful to get bitten by an insect. Did you know why they bite you? They bite you because we humans are warm blooded and they like warm blood.

Secondly mosquitoes have six legs so three legs on each side. Mosquitoes have a very skinny body. Skinny like your our small finger. They are so small you can’t even see them. Mosquitoes have a small body but a large face.

Thirdly how to prevent pest from coming to your house? Don’t leave the doors open for too long especially at night because mosquitoes and other insects can come into your house.

Keep doing it and you’ll have a self and healthy home!

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